The TELP Program is organized as part of the Writing Department, the Institute of Transdisciplinary Studies, and the University. Benefits of the TELP program include:

• Intensive instruction in all aspects of academic English (listening, speaking, reading, writing)

• Cultural orientation to the American model of higher education

• Familiarity and facility with current electronic technologies and “new media”

• Small class sizes and student-teacher ratios

• Full access to all university resources which include on-campus resources such as computer labs, design studios, Writing Center, etc.

• Conditional admission to the university upon enrolling in the TELP program

Mission & Outcomes

To equip students with the linguistic, cultural, and communicative competence needed for successful completion of coursework in their chosen field(s) of study at Woodbury.

Students who successfully complete the TELP program will be able to ...

• critically read and analyze university-level material from a variety of disciplines;

• write, edit and revise scholarly texts according to the conventions of academic American English;

• communicate information and ideas in a clear, logical manner during different types of oral presentations;

• employ a range of listening, note-taking, and oral comprehension strategies;

• use these skills to demonstrate sociolinguistic competence and express various meanings and ideas in English with fluency, flexibility, and confidence;

• acquire a working knowledge of academic English vocabulary (in general), and an understanding of essential terms and concepts relevant to their majors (in particular) 


For further information about the Transition English Language Program (TELP) contact:

Amy Ling Uy
Administrative Coordinator