The Mission of the Sciences department is to create for students a solid foundation of scientific principles, methods and applications.

Learning Outcomes

The Learning Outcomes of the Science department express the kinds of things (abilities, knowledges, and values) that students can expect to be taught and to learn in the Science department and its courses. As a result of their education in the sciences, students will be able to:

  1. Recognize and explain scientific principles and their symbolic representations.
  2. Understand connections among scientific principles and concepts.
  3. Apply scientific concepts to explain real-life problems and issues.
  4. Distinguish between science and pseudo-science.
  5. Evaluate proposed approaches to complex or transdisciplinary problems through scientific methods.
  6. Collaborate with others to propose effective solutions to simple or complex issues.
  7. Demonstrate an awareness of social responsibility when science is applied to civic or social issues.

For further information about the Sciences department contact:

Christine Carmichael, Ph.D
Chair, Science Department
818.252.5119, christine.carmichael@woodbury.edu