Eugene Allevato
Eugene Allevato is Adjunct Professor of Mathematics, having joined the university in 2001. In 2006, he was named Professor of the Year by the students in the former accelerated programs for adult learners. After attending the SENCER conference in San Jose in 2006, he implemented the SENCER philosophy in all his courses; some student projects have been accepted in conferences such as ECOWAVE 2008, NCER (National Conference Ecosystems Restoration-2009), and the 2010 International Biomass Conference. Prof. Allevato has developed and designed new SENCER courses such as Water Issues in Los Angeles, Spirituality and Quality Management in the Workplace, Environmental Issues: Science and Spirituality, and Eco-Ethics. In addition, he has introduced inter-classroom collaboration across two different courses and community service engagement based on group projects involving students’ majors.

He is a strong advocate for developing student-centered and independent learning processes in projects where students are responsible for their learning and required to provide community service activities in a specialized science fair format. Prof. Allevato’s experience includes working in basic research and as a manufacturing engineer. He has established numerous collaborations within the industry in the field of environmental science. He has coordinated experimental testing in which students were actively involved. He works with national and international institutes to support research on biogas addressing pertinent social, environmental, and economic issues. He has twenty scientific publications. He worked at Rockwell and Boeing before coming to Woodbury University.

Education: M.Sc., Material Science, Military Engineering Institute,; M.Phil., Electrical Engineering, University of Wales; M.B.A., Woodbury University.
(818) 252-5148

Andranik Hakobyan
Andranik Hakobyan is Adjunct Professor of Mathematics.
Education: M.S., Mathematics, California State University Northridge

Anil V. Kantak
Anil V. Kantak is Adjunct Professor of Mathematics and Physics.
Education: M.S., Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California.

John-Paul Sikora
John-Paul Sikora is Participating Adjunct Professor of Mathematics.
Education: M.S. Applied Mathematics, California State University, Northridge

Marty Tippens
Marty Tippens is Associate Professor and Chair of the Mathematics department, coming to Woodbury in 2003. Previously he worked in California State University Northridge’s Math Department where he taught algebra, statistics, and calculus of biology. He also worked extensively with CSUN’s Developmental Math Department where he designed an early on-line math course. In 1999, he participated in a grant from the Stuart Foundation auditing a textbook for an undergraduate course in high school mathematics from an advanced standpoint. He was a guest speaker at the January 1997 AMS teaching conference in San Diego and at the Regional Conference on College Teaching at Occidental College in February 1997. In May 2002, he received the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Associate award for his work with CSUN’s Developmental Math Department. He has also taught at several area community colleges, including Glendale College, Los Angeles Valley College, and Oxnard College.

While at Woodbury, Prof. Tippens has taught a wider variation of math courses. He has enjoyed creating special math courses designed to meet the specific needs of Woodbury’s architecture and business schools. He is currently working on math courses appropriate to the Creative Technology and Gaming courses of the School of Media Culture and Design. He has also presented at a number of workshops for the NSF funded SENCER program. In addition to mathematics, Prof. Tippens has a profound interest in the guitar. Music is a semi-professional hobby for him, and he has had the pleasure of performing in concert at Woodbury along with visiting Norwegian classical guitar virtuoso Gisle Kogseth. He has also taught beginning guitar classes at Woodbury. Prof. Tippens enjoys teaching and finding ways to make math more engaging to our students and adaptive to Woodbury’s varied students. His office door is always open for those who want to come by and talk math or music or…

Education: B.A., M.S., California State University, Northridge.
(818) 252-5154

Rubik Yegoryan
Rubik Yegoryan is Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Education: M.S.,Yerevan Physics Institute, Armenia; Ph..D., Yerevan Physics Institute, Armenia and St. Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics, USSR.