The Mission of the Mathematics department is to promote a positive attitude in our students towards mathematics, to develop mathematical habits of mind and to equip our students with sufficient expertise in mathematics to function effectively in society and in their careers. Our dynamic course offerings are designed to meet the needs of the various University majors and to address social and environmental challenges.

Learning Outcomes

The Learning Outcomes of the Mathematics department express the kinds of things (abilities, knowledges, and values) that students can expect to be taught and to learn in the Mathematics department and its courses. At the end of their course of study, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate mastery in basic math skills
  2. Communicate mathematical concepts in three representations; written, symbolic and graphic
  3. Effectively incorporate concepts from one math course into another math course
  4. Apply math across the curriculum by effectively analyzing, formulating, and solving problems within their disciplines.
  5. Demonstrate mathematical habits of mind, critical and abstract thinking skills
  6. Apply math in the solution of social and environmental problems
  7. Develop an appreciation for mathematics as applied historically and in modern technologies

For further information about the Math department contact:

Marty Tippens, MA
Chair, Mathematics Department
818.252.5154, marty.tippens@woodbury.edu