The Mission of the Interdisciplinary Studies department is to connect students and faculty in the exploration and analysis of issues and topics that both integrate and transcend differing disciplinary perspectives and methods.

Learning Outcomes

The Learning Outcomes of the Interdisciplinary Studies department express the kinds of things (abilities, knowledges, and values) that students can expect to be taught and to learn in the Interdisciplinary Studies program and its courses. At the end of their course of study, students will be able to:

  1. Practice textual analysis, placing ideas in context while transcending the written word through reading texts writ large in oral presentations and written work
  2. Practice textual analysis, creating a sense of play, exploring different possibilities, and assuming nothing in oral presentations and written work
  3. Acquire the multiple analytical and interpretative skills that come along with experience in different disciplines, demonstrating them through oral presentations and written work
  4. Develop the breadth of knowledge and experience that leads to a sense of social and personal responsibility and civility as evidenced in their choice and execution of research projects
  5. Demonstrate the ability to take initiative in crossing boundaries while developing integrative research projects
  6. Create innovative approaches to multifaceted situations through critical thinking and inquiry in oral presentations and written work
  7. Solve problems too complex to be dealt with the knowledge and tools of a single discipline through individual and group research projects

For further information about the Interdisciplinary Studies department contact:

Dr. Will McConnell
Assistant Dean, Interdisciplinary Studies Department
818.252.5125, will.mcconnell@woodbury.edu