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Woodbury University believes so strongly in the value of internship experiences that we require at least one internship/work experience in order for you to receive your degree.

Internship Program
The Career Development Office can help you find an internship. Make an appointment today with a Career Counselor to find out about the requirements and possible leads. Internship requirements vary from major to major, so it is important you know the facts. Typically, internships take place during your junior or senior year once you have taken the prerequisite classes.

Why Do an Internship?
Internships provide Woodbury University students an opportunity to gain practical work experience in a variety of fields. Due to the proximity of the college to the greater Los Angeles area, the reputation of the school, and the caliber of the students, many employers contact the Career Development Office with internship positions on a daily basis.

Here are just some of the obvious advantages an internship offers:
Learn more about your chosen field.
Apply classroom theory to real work situations.
Become more knowledgeable about general work functions in particular fields.
Identify and/or test interests and talents.
Investigate organizational cultures.
Learn career-related skills.
Identify transferable skills.
Strengthen written and oral skills.
See if a selected career path is really the right choice for you.
Find out what it’s like to work in a business environment.

Additional benefits
Internships enhance and strengthen your resume.
Internships allow you to make contacts to gain future employment.
Internships serve as a bridge between college and work.

For more information and/or internship leads, contact us at 818.252.5260 or via email at