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For Employers

Why Recruit at Woodbury?
Woodbury University is a great source of talent! With a student enrollment of over 1,600, one of our strengths is our diversity.

The Career Development Office provides services and resources developed to fulfill the needs of both students/alumni and recruiters. Every step of the job-search process is addressed, from introducing students to career options to facilitating final interviews between employers and their chosen candidates.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for recruiters to identify potential employees among our highly qualified students. We believe in cultivating relationships with our students and recruiters. Knowing the needs of both allows us to facilitate the job-search process more effectively. We tailor our recruitment programs to better address the varied needs of our diverse population of undergraduate and graduate students as well as those organizations that wish to recruit at Woodbury.

Building a Partnership
Contributions from employers have enabled us to develop special networking events to bring firms in contact with students. Such events provide benefits to employers in terms of name recognition and access to interested students and faculty.

Some examples of networking events:

  • Annual accounting luncheons
  • Employer info sessions
  • Etiquette Dinners
  • Industry-specific panels
  • Industry-specific recruiting events
  • On-campus interviews

Employer Services

  • Online Job Board
  • Targeted job-bulletin emails to students/alums
  • Targeted recruiting fairs
  • Sponsorship of an event
  • On-campus interviews
  • Info sessions to present your company’s attributes to students
  • Club/classroom presentations
  • Workshops on industry-specific topics
  • Panel discussions
  • Access to resume books
  • Campus tours and luncheons

For more information, send us your inquiry at careers@woodbury.edu