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Campus tour guides

We are happy to introduce Woodbury University’s 2015 campus tour guides!


Albert Blanco, MBA 2016 (hopefully!)

Favorite spot on campus: any of the outdoor areas to relax after the classes.

Favorite WU event: leisure activities for international students.

Favorite thing about WU: the campus size and, of course, the classmates.

How have you changed since being here: the MBA classes have helped me to reconsider several conceptions about marketing and management, to have a broader vision, and  avoid taking things for granted.

Advice for incoming students: enjoy your time at Woodbury and try to get enrolled in as many activities and events as you can to take advantage of this unique experience in your life.

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Rick Diaz, Communications (Junior)

Favorite spot on campus: Definitely the library. Wonderful architecture, and I’m able to get all of my work done in there. 

Favorite WU event: The annual haunted house known as Pasio De Los Muertos. Lots of cool costumes to marvel at. 

Favorite thing about WU: The fact that I have gotten to know my professors and classmates due to our small class size. 

How have you changed since being here: Being exposed to such an international student-body has allowed me to be more culturally aware. 

Advice for incoming students: Get involved on campus, and really get to know everyone you work with while at Woodbury. 


Sarah Kelly, Communications (Junior)

Favorite spot on campus: Enkenboll Courtyard

Favorite WU event: Club Rush is very exciting! I remember meeting many of my friends there!

Favorite thing about WU: I love how dedicated the students and the faculty are at Woodbury. We are all very close and always pushing ourselves and each other towards our truest potential. I think that’s one of the best benefits of a smaller school, and I think we make the most of it.

How have you changed since being here: I am a much more confident and outgoing person since being at Woodbury. I feel like I am capable of so much more than I ever imagined before I came to WU, and overall I am a lot happier as a person and growing professional. I think personal growth is the most valuable part of my education here.

Advice for incoming students: Take the time to use your education to know yourself better because your education is so much more than growing your resume. Also, get involved! There are so many fun opportunities to take part in and you’ll meet so many great people!

Juan C Rodriguez profile picture 5x7

Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Architecture (5th year)

Favorite spot on campus: outdoor tables that face the Woodbury entry gates

Favorite WU event: Fix at 6

Favorite thing about WU: The close interactions between students & Professors

How have you changed since being here: leaned to manage my time & learned to cherish sleep

Advice for incoming students:  Manifest all ideas into reality, you may be surprised what you may find