Woodbury Alum Addressed CEO National Conference

Woodbury University alumnus and former Woodbury Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization (CEO) member Shawn Morey spoke at the annual CEO national conference about how he used his passion for business and entrepreneurial skills to start the nightlife and event coordinating company Paid To Play Media Group. Morey joined a panel of college entrepreneurs at the October 27-29 conference in Fort Worth, Texas as they took questions regarding the hardships they encountered and overcame while starting a company and still completing their undergraduate programs. Morey also had his own break-out session where he will speak about his company’s latest venture, an educational series for young entrepreneurs who want to launch their own nightlife company.
This year, Morey and business partner Josh Yakes produced the e-book “The Nightclub Promoter Guide” to show aspiring entrepreneurs the step-by-step process needed to learn the trade, build their own company, and gain success in the nightlife industry all while in school. The series will expand with three other volumes: “Nightclub Photography,” “Nightclub DJ,” and “Social Media Tips for Nightclubs and Bars” in 2012.
“When I started out, I had no one guiding me and I had to figure everything out by trial and error. There were many nights that I stayed up all night researching the best ways to break into the nightlife industry as an entrepreneur rather than just another promoter, and now, along with my partner, we have compiled all of our knowledge into this series,” says Morey. “We are looking to help other young entrepreneurs launch their own nightlife companies, and make sure they do not make the same mistakes that we did. CEO and Woodbury University gave me a solid entrepreneurial foundation to start my company, and this conference is a perfect place to give back what it has given to me over the past few years.”