School of Business Faculty Performance Review 2012-2013

In the past few years the School of Business faculty has experienced a significant transformation from being predominantly teaching focused to a multi- faceted emphasis entailing progress and alignment in scholarly performance and course facilitation. Not only have these efforts been successful in sheer output, but also in the quality of venues, and in the degree of faculty collaboration within and across departments.

Click HERE for an overview of the scholarly and professional achievements of our faculty since the start of the 2012/13 academic year. This being our Self Evaluation Reporting year toward AACSB accreditation, our faculty deserves extra kudos for not only ensuring ongoing quality in teaching, advising, and student involvement, but also impeccably maintaining its Academically Qualified (AQ) or Professionally Qualified (PQ) status.

In the overview, we have mainly focused on published, accepted, and executed projects, and have left out those still in progress or under review. Since achievements are listed by individual faculty, there is some redundancy in cases of collaborative projects. Reflecting our ongoing efforts toward greater interdepartmental integration, we have chosen for an alphabetical order by last name rather than by department.