MBA Elective Courses, Summer and Fall 2012

Woodbury University’s MBA program offers unique elective courses not found anywhere else. Students have many options to choose from every semester in order to fulfill their (2) elective requirements in the program. The following are featured courses offered during our upcoming semesters in 2012!

Emotional Intelligence
This course will introduce students to the key emotional intelligence issues related to organizational performance, such as role of emotions in decision making and thinking strategically about information contained in emotions. Students are encouraged to apply the emotional intelligence skills learned in addressing all aspects of their lives at home, in the community and in the classroom.

Spirituality in the Workplace
This course draws upon the common themes underlying various spiritual traditions to search for meaning in the workplace. The holistic approach to work will be extended to arrive at a new vision of livelihood for our times, evidenced by managing for common good and corporate stewardship.

Transform yourself to transform the world! Self-Leadership is about leading ourselves to lead others effectively. Leadership is a “process of influence” and self-leadership is the process of influencing oneself. It is about finding your authentic voice.

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