Faculty Collaboration

Faculty continue to collaborate on multiple fronts to further elevate the overall educational quality of Woodbury university’s School of Business.  So far this year several teams have been formed to produce scholarly work for journal and book publications as well as for conferences presentations in Milwaukee, Portland, and Chicago.

Professional collaboration among faculty is important, because it strengthens the sense of unity, creates synergies of ideas, and broadens individual and collective views in all aspects of business. For example, Accounting faculty can learn from Marketing faculty, who can learn from Management, etc.  This increased awareness is therefore valuable for students as faculty include their expanded business horizons into their teaching as well!

In addition, our faculty meet on a weekly basis to hear and critique each other’s scholarly endeavors in a research colloquium. This process increases understanding and respect, and fuels interest toward collaboration even further.  A display cabinet, soon to be erected in the faculty suite, will portray faculty produced work as on-going evidence of their individual and collective intellectual endeavors.