Dr. Joan Marques and Dr. Satinder Dhiman published in the Journal of Management Development

Dr. Joan Marques and Dr. Satinder Dhiman (School of Business) just had an article published in the Journal of Management Development, an Emerald Journal.

The article, titled “Teaching the un-teachable: storytelling and meditation in workplace spirituality courses” is included in Journal of Management Development, Vol. 33, Iss. 3, pp.196 - 217. The article reviews meditation and storytelling as two strategies that are actually  un-teachable yet highly effective in higher education. Specifically focusing on workplace spirituality as a movement from corporate workers, and consequently, also a teaching topic in management education, the article first indicates some problems faced in today's world, and relates these to the need for facilitating college courses in more compelling and comprehensive ways.

Findings: Spirituality and spiritual concepts can involve emotional and other non-cognitive experiences which cannot be taught using traditional teaching approaches such as reading and lecture. Specific approaches, such as meditation and storytelling are useful for teaching spirituality and spiritual concepts in a business school classroom setting. These two strategies provide an opportunity for students to reflect on their experiences and to become more self-aware.

Practical implications: Using the practical strategies discussed in this paper in management classes turns out to be a positive experience for both the course facilitators and the students.
Originality/value: Reflecting on the overhaul attempts of management education in universities, even those with the prestige of Harvard and Stanford, the authors discuss some interesting strategies that can help management educators take their course experiences and the results attained to the next level.