BBA Community Celebrates Start of 2013-2014 Academic Year!

On September 3 and 4, 2013 between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm, more than 130 BBA students and faculty gathered in the School of Business’ (SB) Malburg Atrium to celebrate the start of the new academic year. While this was the third BBA annual celebration, it was the first time that the event was held on two separate days and at that specific time. Based on a less-than-satisfactory turn out in the previous year, the event organizers made an assessment to find out what the “most populated” times were for SB related courses, and found that the 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm timeframe had the largest population of students. The choice for a two-day event (Tuesday and Wednesday) was based on the fact that SB students prefer to schedule their courses either on a Tuesday-Thursday or a Monday-Wednesday track.

The intention of the “BBA Welcome Back to Campus” event is multi-faceted: 1) to emphasize the overarching unity that all BBA students share, whether they are Accounting, Fashion Marketing, Management, or Marketing majors; 2) to give BBA students a chance to informally meet and get acquainted with their faculty; and 3) to introduce BBA students to their Student Advisory Board members of the year. The BBA Student Advisory Board consists of representatives from each major, nominated by their department coordinators and/or peers. The 2013-2014 BBA Student Advisory Board consists of:

• Alex Moore, Eva Tashchyan, and Cynthia Rodriguez (Accounting)
• Tiffany  Solis and Kaitlin Mattingly (Fashion Marketing)
• Yasin Ghazzawi, Rumana Khan, Cassidy Jackson, and Alvin Shirinyans* (Management)
• Oscar Barcena and Talia Dadon (Marketing)
*Alvin Shirinyans recently graduated and will soon be replaced by a current Management student.

The BBA Student Advisory Board meets regularly with the Program Chair and Director, Dr. Joan Marques, in order to report student concerns, advice on course scheduling and other student-related issues, propose suggestions, engage in actions to nurture the BBA unity among students, and establish greater awareness about the School’s mission. The Woodbury SB mission is based on four pillars, effectively summarized as “LEGaC” (pronounced: legacy) and representing the values Leadership, Ethics, Globalism, and Communication. The term “LEGaC” was selected after a buzz-word competition among BBA students in 2011.

For the remainder of the Fall 2013 semester, the BBA Chair and Student Advisory Board will join forces in identifying two MAD-days (Mission Awareness Days). On these days, BBA students will be invited through an email blast and other notifications to attend campus dressed in their BBA T-shirt and LEGaC button. This will be their indication to the Student Advisory Board that they want to be interviewed. If, during the interview, the student can recite the entire SB mission, he or she will receive a $50.00 cash prize right away. BBA students are encouraged to look out for the first MAD notice!