"Being a character designer is fun and a LOT of hard work. I work close to the director to try and capture his vision and look for the movie. Woodbury is AWESOME! I couldn’t be happier with Woodbury Animation. The program was fun, and I met a lot of really amazing artist/teachers. After taking character design classes with Eddie Rosas and Pete Gomez, I knew I was heading in the right direction. I’m very thankful that the program forces you to get an internship, because I was inspired so much during my time at DreamWorks Animation. I got to meet a lot of Character Designers, and all of them were very helpful with tips and new ideas for my designs. The animation program was a fun ride, and I got to make a lot of good friends along the way."

Chris Sasaki, Class of 2006
Character Design, Visual Development Artist

Website: www.sakiteriyaki.blogspot.com
Current position: Artist, Pixar Animation Studios.
Past employers include: The Walt Disney Company, Blue Sky Studios, Laika Entertainment, The Jim Henson Company.