"I loved going to college at Woodbury. I met people from all over the world. It opened my eyes to new ideas and a million possibilities. I used to sit in the cafeteria with Mrs. Kirby (the president) who told me that she was certain that I would be very successful. This meant so much to me coming from a woman who had moved mountains. There were so many professors that encouraged and inspired me – people I never will forget."

Cheryl Kline, Class of 1977

Cheryl works as a full-time fine artist and Director of Kline Academy of Fine Art. Her work is in collections around the world. In 2008 she won an honorable mention from the Portrait Society of America.  In 2007 Cheryl opened the Kline Academy of Fine Art in West Los Angeles. She teaches a method of classical painting that combines the Florentine techniques with Dutch masters, in addition to contemporary expression for advanced painters. She is currently writing a book on portrait painting. Cheryl has been an art director in print advertising and web design. Her clients have included Nike, Crystal Cruises, Caesar’s Palace, LA Philharmonic, NFL Films and several Luxury European Travel Companies. She graduated from Woodbury in 1977.