"Woodbury has been a great experience in learning the knowledge I needed to know in order to pursue a career in visual FX. Good professors make it easier to understand fundamentals, and are there to help the students when they need it. The professors are not only there to guide you, but to really push you to get the best work possible. My professors have remained good friends and are still there for me even after graduation. The people you meet at Woodbury give you a great experience. "

Andrew Lema, Class of 2006
Visual Effects Artist Entity FX, Santa Monica, California

Website: www.andrewlema.com
Feature Film Credits: Thor (2011); Tron: Legacy (2010); The X-Files: I Want to Believe (2008); The Spirit (2008); Superhero Movie (2008).
TV Series Credits: Flight Science, Season 3; Sport Science, Seasons 1 and 3 (Sports Emmy for Graphic Design, 2008); Smallville, Seasons 6 and 7; Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles; Eastwick, Pilot; Pushing Daisies, Episode 3: Fun in Funeral.
Short Format Credits: Infinity Spot M Series; 21 Century (2010); Nissan (2010); National Guard, NASCAR (2008); Safeway Fruits (2007); Toby Keith Music Video (2008).