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Cost of Attendance

There are numerous costs associated with a year of study at Woodbury University. In the following examples, we have divided these educationally related costs into two categories: “Direct Costs” and “Indirect Costs.” Direct costs are charged or billed to you by Woodbury University (these include tuition, fees, and on-campus room and board). Indirect costs are not billed by Woodbury University; these costs are associated with books, supplies, personal expenses, loan fees, and travel expenses and are incurred independently from the university. Indirect costs vary from student to student. We include these costs in your student budget as estimates only. These estimates are based on the average spending patterns of our students from prior school years as well as state-wide averages provided by the California Student Aid Commission.

When the Office of Financial Aid determines a student’s financial need, we use a standard student expense budget, which is based on both anticipated direct and indirect costs. The room-and-board budget components for undergraduate students living off campus either with parents or independent from parents as well as graduate students will be based on estimated costs for off-campus housing.

Many factors affect a student’s actual costs, such as personal lifestyles or specific program courses related to your major. Our budgets reflect standard travel allowances established for various living arrangements, commuters (living with parents); living on campus in residence halls; and living off campus in your own apartment. As already stated, the actual cost of personal expenses, books, and supplies will vary from student to student. We do not adjust budgets based on actual amounts spent for personal expenses or off-campus room and board, as these are personal choices and are not typically funded through federal programs. Students can research private funding options which may be available to cover costs exceeding the standard student-aid formula used.

For students that are coming to Woodbury University from outside the Southern California area, an additional travel allowance to accommodate up to a maximum of two round trips home may be added to the costs of attendance. As with indirect costs, these travel-allowance adjustments will vary from student to student based on the permanent home address and prevailing transportation costs if travel is by air or ground. This type of adjustment is not automatic; you will need to talk with a financial-aid counselor.

Special Circumstances

If you have special circumstances which you feel affect your ability to finance your educational costs, you should send us a letter as soon as possible. Explain in detail your special circumstances, and be sure to include supporting documentation. Submit this information directly to the Financial Aid Office on campus; do not send it with your FAFSA.

Undergraduate Estimated Costs

The costs of attendance for the 2014-2015 academic year are estimated based upon a full-time undergraduate student living on campus: View PDF

Graduate Estimated Costs

Tuition costs for the 2014-2015 academic year are estimated at: View PDF